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How not to sell a bra [Mar. 4th, 2007|10:52 pm]
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Via the Gentleman, who has heard my sob stories, the story of this lady's first post-nursing bra-shopping expedition, and a truly clueless salescreature:

taking a deep breath, I said, “I need a fitting and a new bra. It’s been about five years since I wasn’t pregnant or nursing and I have no idea what size I am.”

Within five minutes I was duly trussed with various measuring tape. Perky announced, “you are right between a 34 and a 36 in the ribcage… and you are somewhere between a B and a C cup.”***

Since we were standing so closely together and she holding my chest area lassoed with tape measure, I took the opportunity to sniff her breath for booze. Because although I have been a 34 and even a 36 before, I have only been a ‘B to C size cup’ for about three minutes somewhere around 13 years old.

I feel Ms. Nahm's pain. Really. There's the whole "small-back, large-cup" problem (bra makers don't people with backs smaller than 38 can possibly have large breasts. But we do) limiting her selection. There's the fact that large bras in general tend to be more expensive than the more "regular" sizes. If you want something big and pretty, well, then you're looking at $80+, most of the time.

But I don't think she needs to despair, at least not quite yet. She needs to go to a different store. It's pretty clear to me that the Perky Sales Assistant didn't know how to fit a bra, training notwithstanding.

See, when I've been fitted at the high-end stores that carry my size (32-E, or sometimes 34-D or DD, depending on Various Factors), the assistant has come into the fitting room with me, strapped me into the bra, and poked and prodded, to make sure the bra fit to her satisfaction. Every now and again, we've had to go a size up or down from what the measuring tape told us. And it's an annoying process for everyone involved (although I really admire the bra-fitters' patience and matter-of-factness). I do have to put aside any body shame or self consciousness, and let this complete stranger evaluate the way my boobs fill the bra. But I get bras that fit.